Sunday, August 26, 2012

Clutter Challenge #2 - Entryway

This was a simple project I took on many many weeks ago and I'm really proud to say that it's finally done.  Our entry way - well, how would I describe it? -'s just a freak'n door that opens up into our very boxy living room.  I really want a mudroom, but if you can't build it might as well improvise.  I was on the hunt for an inexpensive bench that had storage below for shoes, I didn't have any luck.....until I came across this $7 beauty at our local Goodwill.

With a little can of exterior white paint, plus a custom piece of wood to add support to the top, we made our own bench with shoe storage. 

I also got lucky by finding an very cool outdoor bench cushion at Walmart for $13 on clearance.  I had to alter it a bit but I really think it makes the bench very classy.
I couldn't be happier that our little house is on it's way to being organized. 
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  1. I am in the middle of trying to get organized right now too and it seems like a never ending battle sometimes. You are a woman after my own art with your crafty Goodwill storage solution :) I bet you could even find baskets to fit the top two cubbies if you ever needed a hidden area for clutter (I always end up tossing the mail and whatever else is in my hands right by the door in a pile).

  2. You gotta love Goodwill. I actually haven't been there in so long. There are so many good finds in there. Your bench/storage turned out great! Such a savings and it looks great!

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