Friday, August 24, 2012

Kitchen + Quick Chair Makeover

I hope everyone is planning for a great weekend!  I realized in the midst of my shoe bench project I never showed off our kitchen makeover. The kitchen was the our first big project and it was a struggle.  It was the gloomiest room I've ever seen, I swear the first couple of months that we lived here I refused to cook because the wood walls, brown cabinets and the puke green sink made me so depressed.
After a ton of arguments and Dave's elbow grease we have our very cute and modern kitchen.  Our makeover included tons of paint, new hardware, new counter top, glass tile backsplash, a beautiful sink and my favorite, the faucet. 
Gosh, I thought that was stressful, but I couldn't be any happier.  I can't even imagine a full home renovation.  I also did a quick fix for the boring kitchen chairs that we have with a can of spray paint and chevron fabric.

 I'm getting really close to revealing our entry space bench.  With each coat of paint I can see my vision coming to life.  Well, until next time I hope everyone has a wonderful stress free weekend - and believe me I'm counting on one of those!

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