Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Moving on out: Kids Shared Bedroom

I believe it's magic!!!  I rearranged both the bedrooms and I could not be any more happier about the sleeping arrangements.  For the longest time we were sharing the larger of the two rooms with the baby and her massive crib.  Yeah - she is a tad bit spoiled by her grandparents :)   But anywho... I moved Jacob into the room with the baby and Dave & I moved into his old room.

First let me say it was like pulling teeth to get the family to agree to this.  TADA, they finally agreed and helped too.  Like I said before right now I'm just searching for a place for everything and I think I may almost be there!!!  It is possible to live small and organized, it just take creativity!!

By turning the crib, to cross the room, and butting it up to a dresser we were able to create a partial wall.  We really created two rooms within one.  I still want create more of a "wall" from floor to ceiling ---  I'm going to rack my brain and maybe Pinterest for solutions.  But the next step for both rooms would be paint and I have a couple of rooms to use as possible ideas.

Inspiration For Our Room:

Inspiration For Baby's Side:

Pinned ImageInterior Chocolates               Pinned Image Apartment Therapy

Inspiration For Boy's Side:

Pinned Image Remodaholic              Pinned Image Chic Spaces For Little Faces

Lots to do, but we'll get there.

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  1. The "Apartment Therapy" baby bedroom is small, but very cozy. The combination of green, orange and gray looks very intresting!