Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Well, here we go.....  This is my first post and you would think I was going to perform on a stage in front of millions, I got a bit of stage fright.  I finally decided to share my chaotic, creative, and wonderful life with the world.  Let me start by sharing the most important people in my life who have to deal with my everyday creativeness. I definitely don't think it's by choice on their parts, but they are such good sports. I have 2 beautiful children, Jake and Madison who have to deal with my major indecisiveness.  Dave is also the wonderful man in my life who not only listens to my crazy creative ideas, he is also the one who has to execute them.

I've already mentioned several times about my creative ideas.  What exactly am I talking about?!?!  Well, I'll tell you....We recently purchased a very small home.  When I mean small...I really mean small.  So thru out this blog I hope to share my trials and errors with coping living in a small space, managing a growing family in this space, as well as how I'm dealing with home renos, managing a family and a career all at once.

I can't wait to share my ideas as well as receive input, I'm totally open to suggestions.

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