Monday, July 30, 2012

Clutter Challenge #1 - The Mailman

I don't know how it is for most people but our mailbox is like the outside trash that we keep bringing in, most of the paper we bring in lays in random piles (on the desk, entertainment center, on top of the microwave and kitchen counter) and is never ever looked at.  Today I tackled the problem and made an efficient "Mail Station" for the family. 

Paper Overload

After  making a quick run to Target on my lunch break and fighting through the crowd of "back to school" shoppers in the office supply section, I came up with a plan, crossed my fingers, and got the heck out of there.

Target Haul = $22.32

I love the bright folders I found; how can you ignore a bill in a bright ass folder??!!  Right?!  I labeled 5 folders: Kids, Medical, Bills, Coupons, & Receipts.  I really think this is going to save our home from a being attacked by paper.

 The Bright and
                                                               Beautiful Mail Station

My mom was so sweet and got me a little planner and I brightened that up as well; by using mini sticky notes I was able to add color to each task. 

Another paper challenge is my over abundance of magazines.  Don't get me wrong there is nothing more beautiful then those colorful glossy pages, but after I look at it once they just collect dust.  I looked online for any places that accepted magazines as donations - no luck.  Looks like I'm leaving the house a bit earlier than normal to run to the recycling center.

It's strange why I have
                                                                      so many issues of Maxim

I think as far as first challenges go, it went pretty well....what do ya think?  Next is tackling our entry way.  Seeing as our entry way is pretty much a pile of shoes and comes straight on into the living room, it may take a bit of creativity to make it pretty and tidy.  We'll see what magic I can come up with.  In the mean time we're cheering on USA everyday and wishing all the Olympians the best of luck!

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